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Frequently asked Questions About The Guard Change Ceremony

Changing the Guard FAQ'S

Changing the Guard's FAQ page features the questions we are often asked about the Guard Change ceremony, when it takes place and how to get there..

Click on a question below to see the answer. If you cannot find an answer to your query here then please fill in our online form and we will do our best to help.

Changing the Guard starts at 11.30am. For exact days firstly check the schedule on this site, if the answer is not there send us an email.


The schedule is confirmed by the military for the following month towards the end of the current month. i.e. July schedule would be confirmed end June.

Changing the Guard takes place on alternate days from August to April.

From April to July the Guard Change takes place daily.

Check the guard change schedule for further details.

Always check the schedule, other events and road closures can all lead to changes /cancellations to the Guard Change Ceremony.

The activity around the Palace itself starts at 10.45am. However, particularly in summer, some visitors will arrive as early as 9.30am to get a 'good position'.

Should you arrive early you can always walk over to either St James' Palace where the 'old guard' parade or to Wellington Barracks where the 'new guard' parade.

Make sure you have purchased your copy of the guide book to the guard change ceremony, it will make good reading while you are waiting.

If you have not been able to purchase the guide book in advance they are available from The Royal Collection shop close to Buckingham Palace Mews


The two tube stations most people use are Victoria Station and Green Park. However, you can also reach the Palace from St James'.

There is more information about getting to Buckingham Palace by public transport here.

See the Google map for directions from the tube stations to the Palace..

Most certainly.

In very wet weather Changing the Guard will not take place.

In cold weather the Guards wear grey coats over their scarlet uniforms.

Yes you can, some guided tours include the Guard Change Ceremony in their programme, but coaches are not allowed near to the Palace so you will have to walk a little way.

Yes, arrangements can be made through the Girl guiding Trading Service in Cheshire, you can contact them on 0161 941 2237 or email

You can also order copies of the Changing the Guard Guide Book at a reduced price, please contact for further details.

Check out information about the history of the Guard Change ceremony on our website.

For more information you can:

  • Purchase the Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace guide book
  • Send us an email and we will try to answer your question

Called 'Bearskins' the guards hats weigh 665 grams.

Some are over a 100 years old and passed down in the family.

Visit the Guards Museum and you can try one on

There are many good places to stand.

At the railings in front of Buckingham Palace is not always the best location.

Here are few hints on where to take great for photos.

There are lots more good hints in the guide book Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace.

  • Online from our website (through a secure payment gateway)
  • Cool Britannia
    25-27 Buckingham Palace Road
    London, SW1W 0PP
    0207 931 7991
    Open: 8am to 11pm 

Remember, if you buy from the shop go a little earlier to get the best from your Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace guide book.

The new Changing the Guard DVD is available in DVD PAL and DVD NTSC versions.

The version you needs depends on the country you live in. There is a list of which countries use which format can be found on the page; Changing the Guard DVD information or by following this link

Yes, there are tube, (underground), stations a short walk away and buses stop on Buckingham Palace Road.

For more information see the About the Guard Change page on our website or follow this link.


We publish a schedule every month showing the confirmed dates for the Guard Change.

Changes to the confirmed Guard Change schedule are posted on Facebook.

Last minute changes, such as cancellation due to heavy rain, we cannot at this time post these last minute changes on Facebook.

Facebook users can join in and help their fellow travelers by sharing the information on our Facebook page.

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