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Changing the Guard at Windsor Castle, Ceremony & Times

Changing the Guard at Windsor Castle - ceremony, history and where to se it.!

One of the round towers at Windsor Castle

Although the focus of our website is the Guard Change at Buckingham Place we are often asked about the Windsor Castle Guard Change.

We are working on this but to keep you going here are a details of when the Guard Change takes place at Windsor Castle, and the route the guards take to the Castle..

Windsor Guard Mount

The Windsor Castle guard is provided by the resident regiment of Foot Guards, from the Household Division, in their full-dress uniform of red tunics and bearskins accompanied by the Guards Band.

Where to see the Windsor Castle Guard Change

The new guard, accompanied by the band, march from Victoria barracks, up Sheet Street, left into the High Street, past the Parish Church and the Guildhall, then turn right onto Castle Hill by Queen Victoria's Statue and into the Castle.

The Guard Mount takes place inside Windsor Castle and you will need a ticket to the castle to see the old and new guard exchange duties.

After the Guard Mount the old guard and band return to Victoria barracks, following the same route. See map.

Guard Change at Windsor Castle Guard Change at Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle Guard Mount Time & Schedule

The ceremony, usually, takes place in the Castle's quadrangle at 11:30am
There is no guard change on Sundays
You will need tickets to get into Windsor Castle.

Days Windsor Castle Guard Change Occurs

August Schedule

4th - 6th - 8th - 10th - 12th - 14th - 18th - 20th - 22nd - 24th - 26th - 28th

Detailed programme for Windsor Castle Guard Change: - August

Please Note -
Please note that this schedule is set by the British Army and is subject to change
Confirmed schedules are posted toward the end of the current month.
Guard Mount at Windsor Castle does not take place on Sundays


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