What happens in the Changing the Guard ceremony?

The Changing the Guard ceremony, or Guard Mounting as it is formally known, signifies the official handover of responsibility for the military security of the Royal Palaces in London.

On this page, you can find out about the Guard Mount. On other pages, you can find out about the:

Regiments and the history of the guard change.

Where does the ceremony take place and getting to Buckingham Palace by public transport.

The best places to stand and photograph the changing the guard ceremony.

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Guard Mounting

The ceremony starts at approximately 11.00am

A detachment of the ‘Old Guard’ forms up there in Friary Court, at St James Palace, at 11:00am for an inspection by the Captain of The King’s Guard....


The ceremony ends at approximately 12.05pm

At approximately 12:05 pm the Guards re-form and are called to ‘Attention’. The Old Guard advances to its Regimental Slow March towards the New Guard. Wheeling right, the Colours of the Old and New Guard exchange compliments as the Old Guard exits through the Centre Gate preceded by the band....


.... a full description of the Ceremony can be found in our Full Digital Guide.